Polyester Powder Coating Finishing

Lita Finemesh Industries Sdn. Bhd. also provides advanced surface treatment and coating technology according to global environmental standards. Lita Finemesh Industries Sdn. Bhd. is known as the  first fencing producer in Malaysia having an in-house production for polyester powder coating finishing. Each product comes in a wide range of colour selection which can be custom made  and time saving in meeting customer’s deadlines.


Whether it is for residential or commercial application, Lita Finemesh Industries Sdn. Bhd.’s polyester powder coating finishing will meet customer’s specification, preference and stringent quality control. The polyester powder coating finishing serves as a protection from UV rays, high humidity or extreme temperature. It also helps to withstand these elements at the same time provide excellent resistance to abrasion, scuffing, scratching and impact .


The in-house polyester powder coating finishing shortens the production lead time as well as minimises cost and thus, enhances on-time delivery and is an outstanding cost-effective strategy in fencing.






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One-Stop Installation Service

Lita FINEmesh also provides nationwide fencing installation service. Our staff and contractor are carefully selected with experience in this field. We assure our  customer with our installation quality . We are committed to ensuring customer’s satisfaction and after sales service.


We have been working with many main contractors, developers, local council and factory owners throughout Peninsular Malaysia irrelevant of large or small projects. If you have special requirements, we are also ready to serve you.

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